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Be Safe at Home

Star Security rotating spikes will make your home your castle. Installing rolla spikes is the smart solution to home security and will keep you and your family safe from attackers.

Rolla spikes, while being the most effective deterrent to intruders, are also pleasing to look at and do not detract from the appearance of a property.

Our prices are highly competitive - the cost can include installation, or you can buy them to install yourself. Full DIY instructions will be included if you choose this cost-effective option.

The sharp nylon-toughened rotating spikes cannot rust and carry a 10-year warranty.

For peace of mind fit rotating spikes on your boundary walls

Itís often too late by the time attackers reach your front door. Thatís why home security starts at your front wall.

For total peace of mind fit Star Security rotating spikes to your boundary walls to deter would-be intruders from entering your property.

The sharp spikes rotate when touched so preventing climbing. Also recommended with electric fencing as the ultimate crime barrier.

Available in a range of colors, the spikes are neat but dangerous.

If you have an electric fence you will still need rotating spikes

Electric fencing is a deterrent to criminals. But only when itís working.

Itís a walk-over when faulty or during power outages. So for total peace of mind homeowners today also fit Star Security rotating spikes, making their walls the ultimate crime barrier. The sharp wall spikes prevent climbing and lifting whether or not the electric fence is working.

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