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Product Information

South African-designed and made, Star Security perimeter security spikes are neat and unobtrusive, yet highly effective. They are the no-maintenance solution to intruders that has been proven over 13 years to be the most effective crime barrier.

The spikes are manufactured from tough glass fibre -reinforced polyamide that has been UV stabilised. The same compound is used to manufacture the tough exterior parts of motor vehicles and trucks. As a result, unlike other wall spikes, these can't be bent or tampered with.

Rolla spikes are made to international quality standards in a Port Elizabeth factory that is ISO/TS 16949 registered and we offer a 10-year warranty against UV damage and degradation. Naturally rust is not an issue, an important consideration near the coast.

The quality spikes, or what we call stars, are extremely sharp and rotate on galvanised round tubing. The fact that each individual “star” has six spikes and they rotate when touched makes it virtually impossible for would-be intruders to grab on to and climb over perimeter walls, fences, gates etc.

It is also impossible for intruders to throw a blanket or similar object over the spikes as it would penetrate right through them.

Rolla spikes are regarded by the security industry as essential when installing electric fencing which is prone to false alarms, especially near the coast, and is easily and quickly breached by intruders without an alarm being raised.

  • Star Security rotating spikes are virtually impossible to climb over.
  • Rolla spikes are maintenance free.
  • Our sharp nylon-toughened rotating spikes cannot rust and carry a 10-year warranty.
  • Rotating spikes are neat and unobtrusive, yet highly effective.
  • Rolla spikes are available in black, the most economical color, as well as white and a very light brown/ tan color. You can also order rolla spikes in colors of green, gold, silver and bronze.

Light brown/ tan spikes to match your wall

  • Our prices are highly competitive and can include installation costs, or you can buy them to install DIY.
  • Star Security wall spikes are suitable for all types of walls, including precast vibracrete walls and gates.

Also suitable for precast walls


South Africa, Namibia & Botswana


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